Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima, continued

How is your apparition IQ?

Of course, you know that Mary appeared to Bernadette on February 11, 1858 and this is the 100th anniversary of the apparition at Fatima, which occurred May 13, 1917. 

There have been many more apparitions of Mary throughout the ages.  Mary says more in her apparitions than she did in the Bible. 

While at the foot of the cross, Jesus shared His Mother with us.  She then, became our Mother.  She takes up her mantle and comes to us. This is more so now than in Jesus' time.  We know those visits as her apparitions.  It all makes sense because in all her apparitions, Mary asks us to go to her Son and listen to Him.  As in the Bible, she was listening to her Son.  She always points to Him.

Did you know that on April 1870, Julia Harms saw the Blessed Virgin Mary at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine?  She was the wife of the owner of the Harms Farm, as the Shrine was known before it was sold to the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in 1920. 

We invite you to continue listening to our Lord, as Mary requests. 
Come and share in the 3 days of prayer to St. Ann and St. Joachim, Jesus' grandparents, on July 24, 25, and 26.  We will pray the Rosary at 7:00pm each night, followed by Mass.

In August, the Novena for the Assumption will take place at the Shrine from August 7th through August 15th.  Come join us in prayer.