Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bernadette - 8th Apparition - Penance

Last month we spoke about how Mary slowly prepared St. Bernadette by interior change begun by prayer.  This month, we will address the beginning of Bernadette's public mission given to her at the 8th apparition.

During this apparition, Bernadette's face showed many expressions.  She would look like she was extremely happy at one moment and extremely sad at the next.  When she came out of her ecstasy, she could be heard saying the words: "Penance, Penance, Penance."

In fact, Mary had told her to do Penance for sinners in the world and later that would be the instruction for all of us.  It was Lent when Mary began these visits to Bernadette, just like it is Lent now today.

What Penance have we offered up for sinners?

We too are sinners.  How do we try to make reparation with the Lord for our sins?

Confession is the most obvious way.

Prayer, fasting, and alms giving are what the Church advises us to do anyway.  Mary has a way of reminding us of the good things that we need to do.  Mary takes things one step further, in the 9th apparition, which will be discussed next month.

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