Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our Lady's messages to Bernadette

Let's review the messages that Our Heavenly Mother gave to Bernadette and see how well we are living them.

Holy Mary told Bernadette that she wanted a beautiful chapel built at the sight so that "the people could come in procession to her Son."  She asked Bernadette to pray and to tell the people to pray for sinners.

We know that Bernadette personally followed these instructions, but what about us?  For our purposes, here in Euclid, because of the relics directly from Lourdes, our schedule closely replicating the one in Lourdes, France, and that the Shrine so closely follows the layout of the one in Lourdes, France, we are considered a direct satellite of the Shrine in France.  Consider Lourdes, France to be the Mother Shrine and we are one of its daughters.

We do have a beautiful chapel with all kinds of opportunities to pray for all people.  We do walk in procession to Mary's Son.  This past year, we were given the gift of hosting the Holy Door.  Over 6,000 pilgrims walked through that door from April through October, receiving the mercy of God.  The effects of that mercy were so beautiful.  We remain most faithful to Our Heavenly Mother's instructions.  The faithfulness has been rewarded in many ways.  In future newsletters, we will bring some of those stories.

The next opportunity to follow Our Heavenly Mother's instructions is through the Lourdes Novena.  It begins on Friday, February 3rd and continues through the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes on February 11th.  We will have the Novena with Rosary starting at 7:00pm, followed by Mass and recitation of the Novena prayer.  Confessions will also be heard on designated evenings. See our website for more details:

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