Monday, December 14, 2015

November 2015 - Our Lady of Lourdes story - 4

We pick up our Lourdes story with the beginning of apparitions. 

News spread like wildfire ... the entire town heard that Bernadette had seen a "beautiful lady" at the garbage dump called Massabielle.  Some people thought Bernadette was making it all up for attention.  Why would a "beautiful lady" appear to an uneducated peasant girl with a questionable family reputation in a garbage dump?

Stop for a moment.  Identify that moment in your life when what seemed signed, sealed, and delivered was turned totally upside down.  Did any good come of that experience?  In hindsight, was the change in the situation even better than what you were expecting?  If we cooperate with God, he will always send us what is better for us even if at first it seems to be the worst thing possible. 
That is what the apparitions were for Bernadette and her family.  It turned everything upside down.  Bernadette's experience was not that much different than ours is today.  We might not have an apparition, but we face the same problems.  
Her aunts convinced Mrs. Soubirous to allow Bernadette to go to the next apparitions.  They accompanied Bernadette to the Grotto, protecting her from the crowd hemming her in.  All of a sudden, everyone wanted to touch Bernadette, a little poor girl, and to give her items to give the "beautiful lady".
We invite you to come into the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine and visit the "beautiful lady." 

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