Monday, December 14, 2015

September 2015 - Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine story - 2

We pick up our story when Bernadette, her sister, and a friend were looking for firewood.  Bernadette waded across the river and was astounded to see a "beautiful lady" in the Grotto. 

Her first reaction was fear, so she reached into her pocket to find her rosary. 
What is our first reaction to a fearful situation? 

Bernadette said she could not move.  That it wasn't until the beautiful lady began praying on her rosary that she, Bernadette, could take out her rosary and say it with her.

So the First Encounter with the beautiful lady was in prayer.
What is our first encounter with the Lord and his Mother?  Isn't the definition of prayer 'conversation' with God? 

After they finished, the Lady asked Bernadette if she would be so kind and come back to the Grotto again.  Bernadette tells us that the Lady was kind and that she wanted to come back so as not to hurt the Lady's feelings. 

Imagine that!  Bernadette's intention was to come back and not to tell anyone.  How can we learn from Bernadette's behavior and attitude?

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