Sunday, March 5, 2017

This is a picture taken during the Assumption Novena in August 2016.
We had a beautiful double rainbow over Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine.  This picture was taken from the Giant Eagle looking towards the Shrine.

Thank you for attending our Lourdes Novena!  It was so good to pray with you!  I hope you felt the Spirit among us as we prayed.  Many graces were granted during the Novena.  Someone told us that she prayed for her sister in Germany who had melanoma and was cured of it. That is why she comes to the Shrine and will never stop.
Another family told us that their little girl was healed from leukemia.  These are just the stories that we know.

You may remember at this time last year we were telling you that we had the grace of hosting the Holy Door during the Year of Mercy.  So many graces were granted.  So many people reconciled with God, their families, and themselves.

Just because it is officially the end of the Year of Mercy, it does not mean that God stopped being merciful.  The apparitions of Lourdes and Fatima (which will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary soon) are both all about mercy and put God's mercy front and center.  The apparition of Fatima continues and enhances the messages of Lourdes.  Think of the apparitions as a jewel with many facets.  The Lord shines the light upon each apparition highlighting what we need to learn and preparing us for the next one.

Come and visit the Shrine and pray for your intentions.  Ask the Lord for His mercy.  Like St. John, the beloved Disciple, lay your head on the heart of Jesus, the Master.  Feel the call of the Master.

Some upcoming events:
We have Fish Fries on Friday, March 24th and Friday, April 7th.  

Come help us decorate the Chapel for Easter.
Flower donations are due by Sunday, April 9th.
The form for the flower donations is below:

Please Print:
For the Easter Booklet:

Donation Amount for Flowers for the Chapel and Yard: $__________________________________

In Memory Of: ___________________________________________________________________


Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________


City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Prayer Intentions: __________________________________________________________________





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