Friday, April 14, 2017

Story of God's Grace during the Year of Mercy

BishopOpensHolyDoor-300x222.jpgSo many stories of grace, mercy, and reconciliation have come to light since "The Year of Mercy" and the Holy Door opening at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine.  One of the most touching stories was of a woman who was in hospice and requested to visit the Shrine and go through the Holy Door as here "make-a-wish" final request.  Perhaps we have told you about this, but we feel we need to tell the rest of the story.  Not only were we honored to be considered worthy of this wish, but we wanted to honor this wish.  When the woman came, we were so impressed because she came with the nurse, the Activities Director, the driver, an aide, and many members of her family.  Even though the date was set, her physical condition could not guarantee that she would arrive.  While she was here, we talked about how she loved the Shrine and the Blessed Mother.  We looked at the last stained glass window and talked about how she was now the person in the wheelchair, when for so many years before, she had been the one pushing the the wheelchair for others.  She said the most impressive moments were her time praying before the Blessed Sacrament.   Her face was was as if she was once more a young woman.  It seemed that she and the Lord were having a private conversation.  She said that her time was short.

We recently heard that this lovely woman passed away shortly after her wish was fulfilled.  In speaking to her caregivers, we were told that her visit was a real miracle because she was so ill that they could not guarantee getting her out of bed, even getting to sit in a wheelchair was miraculous.  Her last good day was spent at the Shrine.  Knowing that, how much more did those words: "I will be with Jesus soon." and the reference to the wheelchair mean.

After her death, among her things, the family found a silver music box with the figure of Our Lady of Lourdes on it.  The song the music box played was Immaculate Mary.

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